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Interior options 

Decoration options 

We're currently seeking designers to provide you with a range of design options. However, if you already have a specific designer in mind, please do let us know. Each dome serves as a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting the touch of a skilled interior designer to infuse it with personality and charm. 

Many options to choose from 

We provide numerous options, with our selection expanding daily. Are you interested in a wine cave that impressively emerges from the ground to dazzle your friends, or perhaps one that doubles as a mini bar for your rental? Whatever your preference, we can make it happen.

Additionally, we offer stylish off-grid solutions for properties without electrical service. If you're looking to keep your feet warm during winter, inquire about our heated floors.

Have a specific feature in mind that you'd like to incorporate into your dome? Just let us know, and we'll inform you if it's feasible.

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